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Sports eye wears are to increase your performance
Improve Your Judgement
EImprove your dynamic visions

EAcquire necessary information
Protect Your Eyes
EProtect your eye balls from dangerous objects

EProtect your eye from harmful UVs

EProtect your eyes from drying by the wind
Eye Performance
()By the definition of Sports Vision, the eyes are performing 100% when the eye vision marks g1.2h in Japanese system.

This means that when the vision mark is g0.8h, the eyes are only performing at 70% of its potential.

This is why it is essential to wear the sports eye wears with appropriate prescription lenses in order to bring out your best performance.
For you to perform your best
We need to consider how difficult it will be when the glasses used daily are not adjusted for your eyes to perform to their 100%, whereas your sports glasses are.

Your eye muscles cannot cope with properly-adjusted-100%-lenses if you regularly wear weak prescription lenses that are not suitable for your eyes.

You can understand this by imagining what will happen to a person without regular exercise suddenly sprint.

`What can we do then? `

If you do regular exercises i.e. regularly wear the glasses that are properly adjusted to your eyes,@

Then, you are ready to sprint i.e. ready to wear the sports glasses with a near-100% vision.

If you seek for your 100% performance in your activities, you will need to reconsider your daily glasses as well.
What you can do regularly
Regular exercise for your body keeps you fit enough to participate in sporting activities.

We, at eau de vie, consider the regular exercise for eyes as important, because eyes are a part of your body.

We recommend you to have your eyes tested once a year to know their current condition.

Your glasses may need a lens replacement, reflecting this result.

This is to keep your body (eyes) in the best condition.
Choosing Colour Lenses
Please ensure to come to the shop before it gets dark.

When it is dark, it is more difficult to see the difference of the colours. This will prevent you from choosing the right colour for yourself.
About Eye Tests
If you are coming to have your eyes tested, please ensure to come to the shop as early as possible on a day before your eyes get tired.

We recommend it to be before 3:00PM.

We do not recommend an eye test later in the afternoon because the result will not be as accurate due to the tiredness of the eyes.

If contact lenses are used daily, please ensure to take them off prior to your visit to our shop.

You may wear them as soon as the test is completed.

We are not able to provide the eye test immediately after the contact lenses are removed, because again the accuracy is not guaranteed.

If you come to the shop with contact lenses on, we will ask you to wait until your eyes are settled down, for approximately 30min to 1 hour, after taking them off.
The waiting time will vary depending on how long you have been wearing them.
Turnaround Time
Sports lenses will require longer time due to its special treatment.

It will take approximately 1 to 2 weeks after your order has been received.

The turnaround time will vary depending on the types of lenses.

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