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Sunglasses and Glasses Need To Be Customised When You Purchase.
Professional advice that will meet your purpose and needs for your eye wear
EPlease ensure to receive practical and appropriate advice from a professional on your own unique situations.

EWe are able to provide advises on the most appropriate products for you.
EChoosing the right colour for your purpose of use

EWe can advise on the most appropriate lenses and their colours for your unique situations.

The colours of lenses have different effects on how you will see through them. So it is important that you choose the right lenses with a right colour for your eye wears.
Adjustment to fit to your own face.

Any (sports) eye wears need to be adjusted to fit to your face.
Every face is unique in shape and size, so there is no pair of glasses that is comfortable for everyone without adjustments.

The Westerners and the Japanese/Asians have different skeletons.

When looked at from the top, in general, the Westerners have narrower skulls than the Asians. The Asians tend to have flatter foreheads.
This means that curved frames of sports eye wears from western countries can be too tight on temples or above the ears of the Asian people.

ECause pains above the ears.

ENose parts of a frame do not sit on the nose properly or do not reach.
Just broadening the frame does not help because they still sit above the ears so the pain stays in that area.

On the other hand, if broadened too much, the frame becomes too loose and it may slip down.
Sports eye wears and sunglasses are also need to be adjusted to fit properly.

The frame needs to be adjusted not only to fit to the width but also to the shape of your head.

If necessary, we will use fitting parts on the frame.

We will provide the adjustment for every purchase so that the glasses perfectly fit to your face.

We also adjust the position of glasses on your face and the lens angles to suit to your purpose of use.
Face-to-Face Sales
Unfortunately, we do not sell our service online.

At eau de vie, we do not offer sales online.

This is because the price of glasses you purchase includes our services ? fitting/advise and adjustments.

The parts and the finished products after face-to-face fitting and adjustment can be posted for your convenience.
Required Time for Fitting and Adjustment
Fitting and Adjustment

Required time varies depending on required adjustments.

Reshaping of frame ? A few minutes to 20 min.

Attaching additional parts for customization (e.g. nose pads) ? approximately 2`3 days

Turnaround time will vary depending on the material and/or design of the frames.
Eye Test
A new pair of lenses can be made from your current pair if you have good vision with them.

If you would like to have an eye test, it will take approximately 20`30 min.
Turnaround Time
Glasses with prescription lenses will take 1`2 weeks.

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